Little about us…

Who are we?

We are an international charity based in UK. We work with local charities and NGOs based in Asia and Africa to bring an end to energy poverty and dependence on dirty fossil fuel across the developing world.

Why are we doing this.

There are 1060 million people in this world who dose not have access to even basic electricity. Nearly 600 million in Africa alone with another nearly 300 in the Indian subcontinent are left to rely on energy sources that are dirty, toxic and expensive.

Cooking while burning fossil fuel and using kerosene lamps as a light source is a loose-loose scenario for these families as firstly these emits toxic smoke and eats up a massive chunk of the family income and secondly it directly affects their health and lifestyle.

Children struggles to study with poor light of a kerosene lamp and the work ends with sundown reducing productivity for millions prematurely.

We believe in this day and age, this is not acceptable and small little positive changes can go a long way to reverse the scenario.

The Solution.

At iceAid we believe in taking a more hands on approach to resolve the situation and create a more measurable impact on the ground. To that affect we work with our local partners in Asia and Africa to distribute solar lights and other solar powered appliances that reduces the use of kerosene lamps and organic fuel cooking.

Just one solar lamp can impact massively towards improving a family’s lifestyle. It allows children to study without inhaling toxic gases produced by kerosene lamps and increases productivity of the rest of the family by allowing them to work on their trade after dark and stay connected with the world by helping them charge their mobile phones.

By no means we believe that this solution is enough to minimise the grotesque disparity between the energy haves and energy have nots, but certainly a step towards the right direction. And this can not be done by one individual or one charity or one organisation. It must be a cumulative effort by all of us who are not living in an illusion that climate change is not real.

Give the gift of light.

This is how we do it. We use your donation to purchase solar lights and other appliances for ethical manufacturers and transport them to our local partners who are either charities or NGOs in Africa and Asia. Our partners then distributes these to individuals and families who needs them most for free of cost.

At no point a penny changes hand between the end beneficiaries and our partners. We are committed to distribute the benefits of clean and renewable energy hundred percent free at the point of delivery.   

£10 / MONTH

Funds one solar lamp.

£20 / MONTH

Funds 2 Solar Lamps.

£50 / MONTH

Funds 5 Solar Lamps

£95 / Month

Funds 10 Solar Lamps.

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